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It seemed contradictory at the time, but made sense as I learned.

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They all had hordes of men seeking their attention. So, why not go after the hottest women? It worked like a charm. Fuck these beta pussy wimps. Let them fight over bitchy, average looking women. The more, the merrier. I wonder how much of this is due to the government passing coercive laws banning prostitution. So maybe many of the guys who stayed to compete were natural submissives that enjoy being publicly humiliated by women.

It would make sense since the competitors were a self selecting group. This is one of the many reasons why prostitution will never become legal in the USA. Probably two percent stuff, but nevertheless something you might want to keep an eye on. I am confident, outcome independent, 46 year-old, high-income Alpha Male with Women are not visual, they are virtuous angels? Societal programming BD you should know better.

That being said, if you accept that risk then yeah, knowing you can go that route say once or twice per month it helps break dry spells makes you more relaxed when it comes to dating. Hell Henry Cavil innocently said he was scared to date in the MeToo era and he was ripped a new by everybody for that bullshit. Literally exactly the problem he was addressing they did to him LOL.

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Lindsey Lohan was just the other day for speaking against MeToo. So not only will I Agree with Caleb that Men are the problem.. So we are on our own in this.. I am still waiting for men starting to post metoo when they have a shitty date who wasted their time or when a girl refused sex.

But I guess men are too pussy to do that. And the ones who arent have better things to do… still would be hilarious to see. The girl was just a hired actor to play a part.

In The Dating Marketplace It’s Actually MEN Who Are The Problem

Well, to prove what? The guys saw a fairly attractive to varying degrees depending on individual taste girl who responded to them and agreed to set up a face-to-face meet. But when has it ever promised to be anything more? The practical reality is human beings have to find their romantic partner physically attractive.

Any sort of meaningful relationship needs more, but if the sight of the person is repellant to you — kinda hard to build a deep, abiding love, no? And yes, what we as individuals find attractive is probably the result of SP….. Some stats on men who are not having sex in this recent May article: With some extra thoughts from the author: BD, the only part of this that is acceptable to me is the turning up and only the turning up. I more or less agree, but as another commenter pointed out already, it really depends on what these guys were told.

I get nearly raped by women over I have never had a women tell me where she wanted to meet unless I was traveling to her town and I specifically asked her where the best place was. I have, but very rarely. Good for you, but I dont find such women attractive at all yet? With maybe some highly unusual exceptions like Katheryn Winnick. But that is def not the norm of what a 40 year old woman looks like. Yes indeed, usually they want you to be choosing a place even if you are acting beta and indecisive. So a woman insisting on a specific place and time should raise some doubts already at the very least.

I have also met such women. In my experience the woman always responds positively to that. Its funny how such women then often complain how theyre date didnt go so well. Whats more is when you look at the video its basically just large crowd of guys only waiting there. Not to mention how weird and unnatural the whole setting is. Then you see the faces of all those guys who are genuinely surprised. Good fodder for your blog, and you did have an interesting take down of so called hook up culture. They seem to be hedging a bit…. Women have scholarships for being female, cushy office job preference, welfare state as backup, courts preference during divorce and custody battles, and vibrators which most women claim feel better than sex.

So men are now an accessory. With each generation women reject more and more men since the demand for men has plummeted. Men are to blame, sure, but only because of voting for politicians that support this stuff. Many guys on this blog would have voted for the same politicians thinking they were being modern and sticking it to the tradcon christians.

It didnt look like dudes. Maybe a couple hundred. Im sure many, many more didnt fall for it than did. Are you sure non-participation implied not falling for it, as opposed to lack of confidence in oneself?

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But the reverse has been true for awhile, especially back in the day when women were literally told how they could live their lives and stuff and could literally do nothing about it. I think both power structures suck for both sexes in their own ways.

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The trad-cons I believe actually allow matriarchal societies to emerge in and of themselves because of their very bad habit of overvaluing women and placing them on pedestals. We should have never given women the playbook. Men should never give women any agency. Theyre pathological need for male attention is another thing though. The issue is again the fact that there are so many betas who give it to them for free.

The women would literally throw themselves at you, even if everything was taken care of. The situation is that women become too picky and too bitchy and too unloyal to the point they are rarely if every satisfied. Then you have the situation that there are so many single over 30s with rapidly degrading looks and there are less and less quality men who are interested into them each year.

This often leads into a life of frustration. Many women now have serious psychological issues because of this, often now even at younger ages. I think BD once said that he estimates about a quarter of women living in the west now have issues on the level that could be classified as disorder.

After having gone on a lot of dates and met and talked to a lot of these women and also reading various articles from different sides and discussing with others I have to say that my observation is that this is unfortunately true. I am not even sure anymore if I can still think its possible to have a real relationship with a woman — one where I am not her therapist. So i have enjoyed the decline, defiling hot college girls while rejecting maniacal thirty somethings who thought sex and the city was a true story lol.

Thats what he gets for trying to be honorable. And fyi the welfare state has turned our economy into a bottomless pit of debt.

Make informed decisions with the FT.

It might work temporarily in rich white countries, land-locked by similar countries with strict citizenship rules and high IQ, hardworking citizens, but as your demographics change… I hope you have a backup plan. It never goes to court. That wouldnt make sense because the courts would offer women nothing. Why on earth should anyone interfere with the motives of consenting adults for having sex. No one here would believe that this is a thing. I have read about it and still struggle to believe you can be thrown out of university if the greek professor think you might have done something.

This left wing hell hole has a sort of odd system with courts of law and standards such as reasonable doubt. They deal with rape charges. And no, an accused student wouldnt be harassed on campus by feminist mobs or such things. Because that doesnt exist either. The underlying reason for all of the above is that the welfare state doesnt need to attack men in all situations to make them fund wome.

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  • Why not just appreciate women and have sex with college students? Even in america I wou! In this left wing hell hole, a politician had drunken sex with a year-old some years back. While controversial, it wasnt illegal and he was quickly forgiven. Women dont hate men.

    Young women dont hate old men.

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