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As far as I can tell, only posts that point to Amazon or Etsy products are monetized. Everything else is just a regular, non-affiliate link. Making Sense of Cents is another finance site, but, crucially, it was created and is run by one person: So, unlike some of the bigger finance sites in this list, Michelle is writing all the content on her blog from herself to other families, making the angle more personal advice derived from personal experience than a large site with a team of experts.

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So, in terms of an individual blogger doing well with affiliate products, Michelle is way up there. This is a good example of a piece of content that is successful because it helps people avoid lots of pain, which, in my view, works exactly the same way as helping people gain something, but has a bit more urgency and to shareability. Michelle makes most of her money through a combination of affiliate marketing and selling her own courses. She does make some money off of display advertising, but it represents a rather small percentage of her overall revenue.

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And I really think this is one of the things that has helped The Points Guy becomes so intensely popular: This is a great example of an article that addresses a question his readers specifically might have at the same time as it tackles a bit of controversy. This is a pretty standard article targeting a good keyword.

Not many referring domains here—just solid writing and high site authority carrying the bulk of the load. Of the top content I reviewed on this site, I think this is probably the one that best qualifies as a solid piece of highly useful evergreen content—the sort of thing that will get more more popular over time and that can be updated and re-marketed continuously.

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The Points Guy makes money through credit card and travel affiliate programs. The focus mostly on credit cards that people can use to earn travel rewards. This blog is run by a gal named Abby, who writes about DIY, crafts, and organization. The Budget Binder. Abby makes most of her money with affiliate marketing mainly through Amazon Associates and hosting affiliate marketing with Bluehost , but she also sells her own courses.

1 - Nerwallet

This site helps small businesses find the best accounting software for their needs. It is small and niche-focused, and is something any marketer can recreate without massive budgets. It just provides simple, useful advice to SMBs then puts the most engaged ones in touch with the sales teams of accounting tools. Accounting software is a big purchase and involves multiple stakeholders.

This is why CompareAccounting does not even use affiliate links on any of its review pages. However, what vendors do need is a constant supply of qualified leads, and this is where CompareAccounting makes all its money. Besides reviews, the site offers whitepapers to all its visitors.

To download the whitepaper, you have to give up a lot of data — your name, email, role, business size and type, etc.

This information is very valuable to software vendors since these leads are likely to be highly qualified. There you have it, 5 examples of affiliate sites that truly get it. Some are big and long shots for a lot of us, some are clearly achievable with one of them having as little as 7 pages.

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But one thing is sure, all of them will do well with upcoming Google updates and will most likely make more and more money as time passes. Is there any other great affiliate website you follow that monetises primarily by recommending products? Share them with us in the comments! Looks like content creation is the bottle-neck.

The more amazing content you can create, the more chances you have of building a successful blog. Hi Gael,i am really loving these posts you are putting together. I really loved the 50em. Its a great way to sell high ticket affiliate offers. Glad you liked it Abdul, and yup, these are great examples of how not to be a sleazy affiliate and build sites that can survive time and Google updates..

If we internet marketers can develop such an attitude then, it will really pay off ten folds. Just focus on helping people solve their problems first and then, the money will roll in. Also, the idea of not having banner ads is also very cool. I had a huge list of cool affiliate sites at one point including some very niche ones but I lost it when my computer crashed I think.

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Really love the layout and the way you presented this content too. Few people said the 5 Ways To Create An Affiliate Site post helped them pick their business model and go on to profit which is nice. Good to see how all these sites are earning. TheWireCutter, in particular, belongs to my niche — Amazon Associates et al.

In short, Keep it up, Gael. Great post i would like to mention. Am a newbie to your site but found it very helpful and the content you share is just awesome. The examples you have given on affiliate is very impressive and would surely follow the given steps and ideas. Yup, great inspiration there, I think most IMers should look at these people rather than gurus as models: I do have a question, though, you state that longer articles are better which I understand. For each keyword I could probably words on each keyword.

Should I do this, or should I compile them into one big article? What would you recommend? There are different ways to skin that beast. I personally would make a page for each and go super deep into each and still make a long piece. I just came across this post while researching some information on building out a couple of sites. I really appreciate you taking the time to look at different ways to earn. I see that you have some great saved template which you put to good use there. Maybe you should put that as part of your brand somewhere in the homepage.

Among those sites, I still found 50em. As some would say, working as an affiliate is similar to that of an employee, in that if the company discontinues the products, or stop the affiliate programs, the money would stop coming in as well. The hypertarget focus of 50em. In fact, most of modules we created are probably still longer than the ones found on AuthorityHackers, and words is considered normal.

With the difference being that since they are technical in nature, they probably take 1. I truly cherished the 50em. Hi Gael, i love your courses. Guys, honestly, have you got it all figured out?

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I am still sticking with the good old Amazon but all these stuff are very inspirational. A lot to learn but please keep posting this flow of wisdom, I wondered where you were over the last few weeks ; Best, Robbie. I see most successful affiliates are operaitng in advice and review space which is linked to affiliates. I happen to have quite a bit of unique content, like quite a bit on such topics and am wondering what to do with it.

Usually the affiliates focusing on info content are those pushing email promos vs on page promo, but they exist as well and can also do well. Pretty nice update you got there. I know most of them…. The interesting thing is all of them are different: Hey RJ, you can check that post on the topic by our friend Jon Dykstra: Hi, I know this is an old post but I must ask about 50em. All the Seo tools are saying it gets around organic views a month but you have it at a month?? Your last suggestion was really interesting — how would you recommend an average authority site builder create a lead-based monetization strategy?

Would you collect and then just reach out to companies and offer the leads manually? How would you decide pricing? You can probably hire a lawyer on upwork to draft a contract. Then when you get leads in different regions or with different needs increase your outreach to service providers.

I also read about it on Niche hacks. I have a question around how you assess the metrics and in turn success of these websites.

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