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It's not too late. I'm no longer fat, but when I was lbs I may has well have been invisible. I'm 6'1 lbs now muscular and large bone frame and the difference is absolutely insane. Not just from women but from men, I get treated way better and honestly I'm not use to it. I'm still very shy and don't know how to handle women smiling at me or making small talk because for the first 25 years of my life that never happened, not even once. Do not believe the lie that it's personality, confidence, or any of that nonsense. Women still need to be attracted to you visually, then they will get to know you.

Do Pretty Women Date 'Fat' Men?

Don't think that you can "settle" for other overweight women either, because there are plenty of perfectly fit and even muscular men who are giving them all sorts of attention. Being in shape for a male is baseline, anything below that is dragging you down.

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If you're overweight and feel as though you don't exist, you're right. Society hasn't accepted that yet but it's true. Women are just as shallow, perhaps even more so, than men. If an overweight woman hits on a guy Every day I stepped on the scale I lost at least half a pound up until my last 20 lbs. Don't make any excuses, start today. For the most part, it's been pretty abysmal, at least until recently. As a kid, I sorta embraced the "funny fat guy" image because it seemed like the quickest and easiest way to disarm people that loved to bully me.

I lost a bunch of weight in high school got down to about , and a few chicks might have shown interest, but I was still in "fat funny guy" mode, so I was oblivious. College was an absolute dead zone as far as chicks went for me, even though I kept most of the weight off hovered around all of college. I attribute this to continuing to Chris Farley my way through life at that point. Didn't turn in my v-card until I'd been out of college for over a year and decided to try online dating for the second time tried it on college, absolute fucking nightmare, but that's a different story. So I was She was a girl with no self esteem that I wasn't attracted to and wasn't over her ex.

I felt like I just needed to get it over with. Over the next few years, I did the dating thing. Most women I dated fit that bill of low self - esteem, just got out of bad relationships, and saw me as a "safe" guy to rebound with. One girl was bipolar and was actively trying to cheat on her live - in boyfriend with me. I eventually realized that I was kinda the bottom of the barrel when it came to dating economics, got kinda depressed, gained a lot of weight up to , then decided I'd had enough and started losing weight, which takes us to present day. I got bored one day and downloaded tinder again.

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Matched with a few women, but, just like before, they were the low self esteem types that cycle from one bad relationship to the next. I was just about fed up and was about to delete the app when I got a message from a match. I had never been messaged first by something that wasn't a robot and haven't since , so I was taken by surprise. We chatted for a bit, found out we had a good bit in common, and, for once, she didn't seem like a train wreck and actually had her life together, and she was attractive to boot I initially thought she was a bot.

We eventually scheduled a date, met up and had a really good time. Long story short, we ended up banging after date 3, are still banging, and will continue to be banging for the foreseeable future we had the exclusivity talk a while ago. So things are going well for once. Tl, dr; dating was like diving naked through a swamp for a long time, just recently started a good thing that might actually turn into a great thing. I've been 6'3" and between and lbs 1. In the last two years I've made some headway and have been spending some time at the gym.

I'm now between and more muscular than I was before. I had some success dating women I found attractive early on, but by the time I reached my confidence was shot. Between high school and up until a few years ago I only seriously dated three women, but all the women I dated I considered attractive. They were all much fitter than I was, and had appropriate BMI for their height I think maybe I could have dated more if my standards were lower, but I am very picky. Since starting to work out and getting in better and better shape I see more and more opportunities, however I tend to be a lot choosier now than before.

I'm still looking for someone I find attractive, but now personality is playing more and more into my dating choices. My eventual goal is to be under lbs, and I don't think I'll seriously date anyone until I reach my goals and maintain them for at least a year. At my worst I was lbs at 5'9" and my dating life was non existent.

This was likely a combination of me not bothering anymore due to my weight and the fact that I looked like a morbidly obese Louis C. K check my post history if you don't believe me.

20 Honest Thoughts From Bigger Girls Dating Smaller Guys

I've since dropped down to lbs and while I'm still dateless, I'm putting myself out there more. I don't see a fat guy in the mirror and I'm starting to get stares from the ladies. I'm going to more parties and being more fun in general. This is mostly in part to gaining the confidence after dropping the weight. Been fat since I was a kid.

Do Girls Like DATING FAT GUYS? Answers Are SURPRISING! • Muscle Roast

My few experiences involve mostly women with very low self esteem who often have histories of abuse and fat women. The low self esteem ones make me feel pretty crummy for taking advantage but they are often hot. It's been good for me, at least. Sure, walking into a club and picking up the hottest chick isn't gonna work, but there's women out there and not just whales who aren't too bothered by size. I actually think women have it worse than men in this regard. There's a lot of women who don't quite understand the difference between a man wanting to fuck them and wanting to date them, though.

Lots of men are willing to fuck someone they wouldn't be caught dead in daylight with. I don't think that applies as much reversely. Yeah I think they are playing up the sex positiveness on that thread and emphasizing the number of sex partners they get, not so much success at dating and relationships. I guess if that makes them happy, then good for them. Well I imagine if you have the wrong attitude going into it, you'd feel pumped and dumped and thus probably worse. I have not taken any hookup offers personally, because I don't think I would feel good about it, but it's nice to know I'm not completely undesirable.

I'm like 6'3 It could be better. But I tend to shop "top shelf" when I only bring a "middle shelf" budget to the table when it comes to women. Never settle for less, bro. I've been swinging for the fences since I was a kid. Went on a handful of OkCupid dates but none have gone anywhere. And started dating my best friend.


I am a fairly jolly guy and apparently very easy to talk to and in my view this has taken me a long way. I'm as surprised as anyone that it hasn't really been much of a hindrance for me. I've only dated people that I know thru friends or acquaintances. They've all been more or less hippies as well. I imagine I wouldn't do particularly well at a bar or club, but I've never tried meeting women that way. For your height, I think you're doing just fine.

You gotta gain like 50 more lbs. Then, tell us how it's going. I have BEEN much fatter. It wasn't really easy to date, but i did have at least some success. I was in a relationship most of the time.

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