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But really, I'd like a decent main character that I can relate to far more than an allegory that I can only understand after bearing with a horrible protagonist for a very long game. I'm also not too fond of allegory in general. He's a silent protagonist, I don't understand your problem.

I'm not sure how to address some of your points but I'll go with the first one. The MC is calm because he doesn't fear death, be that because of his past or because he literally has death sealed inside him. He does fear the death of other people though which is explains his actions when he saves people throughout the game - especially the ending. The MC's Marty Stu status makes sense when you consider that he's supposed to be an escapist character, so that the player can imagine themselves living this idealised school life where everyone loves them, they excel at everything they try their hands at, and even the fate of the world depends on their actions.

How is S links changed?

Since any flaws would interfere with that shameless ego-stroking, and any actual charactisation would undermine the player's ability to project we end up with a kinda blank character with none of the quirks or flaws it takes to make an interesting or relatable character. One thing I liked about the P4 anime is that Narukami actually has a couple of small instances of weakness, where illusions from Shadow Mitsuo and Izanami prey on his insecurities and fear of losing his friends, and he has to overcome and acknowledge that fear to get his ultimate persona the way others had to accept their own shadows , which was a nice touch.

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The anime also gave him a fun comically-stoic personality. He's still the ace, but an actual character and a fairly entertaining one.

Maybe the P3 films do the same, haven't seen them. So why can a Marauder roll but a multiplayer Turian can't? You are fighting female turian husks. You have reach but they have flexibility. Being a silent protagonist doesn't entail any point that I explained above. A childhood trauma does not tend to make you less afraid of things.

Romantic relationships in P3P

Also, he may have Death sealed inside him, but how does it follow that he doesn't fear dying himself but he fears for others? That rather sounds like headcanon. When the final decision awaits, you can let your MC be as afraid as everyone else is, leading to a contradiction: You can't even choose these dialogue options if you want to at least try and play a consistant character. Delta I've heard the "It's a video game, you're the protagonist" argument very often in defense of bad main characters.

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  8. It just doesn't work that way. If you want to make a game that lets you turn your brain off and feel badass, that's cool but that's not what this game does. For example, Mario the plumber is a badass full of unexplained abilities, but that's fine because his games are more about jumping and only have an excuse plot.

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    You don't really need to think about why eating random mushrooms makes you powerful or why turtoises are evil. You just accept it for whatever it is because it's fun. It's a game with a complex story that you are likely to not even fully comprehend on your first time through the game if you're not paying close attention.

    It invites you to take a closer look at everything as seen, for example, in my "Why Orpheus? By examining it more closely, the story and setting gets better more often than it gets worse. That's why unexplained badassery won't do. Even characters who were talked about but never had lines in the old P3 make an appearance in the course of these new social links.

    And, of course, you can now date the dudes. These new social links, and the additions to the old ones, help make P3P feel like a fresh experience.

    Romantic relationships in P3P - Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable - Giant Bomb

    They also make me remember how unlikeable some of those characters were, like creepy fuck Kenji shown above, or like main cast character Yukari, who honestly is annoying but entirely realistic! One of the common threads running through P3 and P4 and P5? Who can forget the extremely crabby Japanese-with-a-New-York-accent Mr. Morooka, or the slutty mature lady teacher Ms. Kashiwagi, who came pretty close to showing her cooch to the entire class on her very first day? Even the less central teachers get weird personalities, though, and P3P continues that trend.

    The important point here is that Ken is a little kid.

    Persona 3 Portable: Elizabeth Date 5

    My guess is that Atlus would have removed that social link the fuck out of the game as quickly as possible. The Persona games seem to be unique among the Shin Megami Tensei family for featuring a small degree of fanservice. These bits of fanservice usually sit out of the way of the normal course of the game i. In P3P, though, the fanservice is compounded by the fact that you can now play as a girl and run around Tartarus in a bikini, the same one you wear on the summer vacation part of the game. FES let you do this with Yukari and Mitsuru, and their beach outfits remain in this version of the game.

    You can also dress up all three in fantasy-style bikini armor, which is prominently featured in Tartarus early on in glowing yellow chests. Of course, I had to use this armor, because it was the best around at the time. Will others still get jealous when you stop hanging out with them after you have maxed? Thats not what i was saying. I love the s links.

    Escapism through gaming

    In the orginal p3 alot of the girls you got s links with you had to have a romantic relatiomship with them. Or else the s link wouldnt progress. At least thats how i remebered it. Its been a while. Please Log In to post. Terrents Follow Forum Posts:

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