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They concluded that while women had good intentions when they graduated, they ultimately ended up being held back by their partners. The key to the findings seems to be the role of the 5-HTA1 gene in the brain. Plus, they are more likely to be neurotic and to suffer from depression. Writing in the journal Scientific Reports, the researchers said: The researchers said that students may have more free time and freedom to form relationships than others. And at other times of life, other factors, such as pressure from parents to marry, may be much more influential.


Other scientists said that while genes will inevitably influence relationships, their role in most cases will be small. Hair samples from almost Chinese students were tested by scientists. It suggests some people struggle to date and maintain relationships stock image shown than others.

  1. Are some of us born to be single? Study reveals our relationship status could be in our genes!
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  3. Are some of us born to be single? Study reveals our relationship status could be in our genes.

However, studies show that our odds of getting married and staying married and our number of sexual partners are all influenced by our DNA. Despite this, genes are not the be all and end all. Simple evidence for this comes from looking at identical twins. They are usually attracted to the same type of person initially, but end up settling down with very different mates.

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Expert warns biases in training data causes AI systems to assign more Amphibious supercar concept design would let its owners beat traffic by taking to water instead of roads Sounds like she dodged a bullet. Busty Banned Mar 24, Aug 26, 16, 0 0.

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Az Member Mar 24, May 12, 9, 1 0. Couldn't have been the girl of his dreams then. Dec 6, 85, 73 1, That's pretty messed up. Starviper Member Mar 24, Mar 26, 2, 0 0 Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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  • On the shittiness scale, i'd rate that about a 7. Madness Banned Mar 24, Jan 1, 22, 0 0. On the one hand, I can see where the guy is coming from. Too many people don't take into account genetics, family medical histories. On the other hand, are you willing to potentially leave someone you love and can see spending your life with on the off chance that maybe some debilitating or crippling genetic disease may be passed on to your children?

    You cross the road when you come to it. Stet Banned Mar 24, Jul 15, 18, 0 0 Toronto. Your friend also has a gene defect, he's a prick. Oct 16, 3, 16 34 Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Your friends with this guy? Borgnine MBA in pussy licensing and rights management Mar 24, Jul 31, 12, 0 0 San Diego. If they know which genes contain the disease they can grow a bunch of babies in a tube and then select one without it.

    He should have looked in to it. Foxix Von Member Mar 24, Aug 24, 8, 0 0 Somewhere on the other side of the void. Yeah, that dudes a dick. Adoption is always a route.

    Dating someone with 'Bad genes'

    Hell, medical science is moving so damn fast you never know if the disease might be treatable by the time you decide to have kids. Member Mar 24, Apr 30, 9, 0 0. Let's just put the adoption option aside here. A lot of people would prefer to have their own children, so just saying "Adopt! The idea of having a kid with a major genetic defect that's going to severely hamper their life is terrifying to me.

    Zakalwe Banned Mar 24, Mar 28, 16, 2 0 tetrisforkicks. Newt Member Mar 24, Apr 5, 9, 0 If it's that bad, just decide on an abortion.

    That's more important than anything else. Jul 13, 18, 0 0 Mexico. I'd never break up with someone over any kind of "bad genes". Then again, I don't want to have children. Oct 11, 42, 1 Sounds like she got out at the right time. Prinz Eugn Member Mar 24, Jun 23, 2, 0 0 State College, PA. Jun 8, 47, 2 0. Learn something new every day.

    Also we learned that OP's friend is cold blooded. WalkMan Banned Mar 24, Apr 23, 4, 0 0. Not really odd, he's playing by the rules of survival of the fittest.

    Can you smell the perfect partner? | Life and style | The Guardian

    Good for him for being able to get early foresight before committing - his future offspring will appreciate it. BkzUzi Member Mar 24, Jun 18, 4, 0 How is the friend a prick? His friend obviously wants to have his own kids when he gets married and not everyone wants to adopt. Aug 16, , 18 0. I have heard of shady stories where partner who doesn't want to spread the bad genes gets a vasectomy or tubal ligation and doesn't tell the other. RumblingRosco Member Mar 24, Oct 23, 18, 0 I think that's reasonable depending on the situation.

    Your friend sounds like kind of a dick unless he talked this over with the girl and she was adamant about having kids. I think this seems quite logical. Now, if the guy didn't discuss it with the girl first, then he's just a dick.

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    First documented WebMD breakup. Soulmate theory is bullshit, but if he was ready to marry her it means she wasn't just another fling. Sounds pretty crazy to me. Dec 5, 1, 0 Jackpot Banned Mar 24, Nov 8, 11, 0 0.

    Die, selfish gene, die

    Prost Member Mar 24, Jul 2, 5, 1 1, AlexBasch Member Mar 24, Sep 23, 8, 0 steamcommunity. Your friend is an asshole. Anyway, she dodged a bullet. He found a problem and solved it by getting rid of the girl; amazing, truly amazing trouble solving skills.

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