Wot m5 stuart matchmaking

I mean if they gave it the same gun as the M5A1 stuart it would be fine. But let me tell you, I have not once gotten this thing to top speed except when falling down a steep hill. The luchs is easily at the top, even with scout MM.

WoT M5 Stuart (HotWheels skin) - 1.700+ DMG (with premium ammo) - Murovanka

The 3cm autocannon is quite easily one of the best guns at that tier, and it easily pens the sides and rear of almost all tier 7 tanks too. Though it really would be nice if the T2 Light would get normal matchmaking.

It's the only tier II tank that sees tier IV tanks normally, and often when I play it some idiot teammate TKs me right at the start of the match because I'm platooned with a Pz. B1 or a Valentine II.

Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: M5 stuart needs a buff Started by alexanderme , Jul 05 - Yes 52 votes [ I think this tank definitely needs a buff. Xeraux 2 Posted Jul 05 - It used to be good with the howitzer, but not anymore.

I played thru it to get the chaffee, and I just rebought to get the M7. I forgot how much I hated this little POS. Why is the chinky ripoff tank better in literally every single way?

Silversound 5 Posted Jul 05 - Worthless gun at tier six. Such a poo tank even if it had pref mm. With the Howitzer it was bearable but without it could give the Lee a run for the worst tank spot. The autoloader actually made the M5 worse, go figure.

Silversound 7 Posted Jul 05 - So even with gold ammo, the howitzer is relatively useless. The other gun option, the 37 mm M6, is even worse. It's not very good even in tier 2 battles. The main advantage of the M5 Stuart is the m view range, which makes it a brilliant bush scout with binoculars.

Wot m5 stuart matchmaking - Tier for M5 Stuart

So all those KV-5's and KV-4's get eaten alive by your allies when you are lucky enough to land in a tier 8 battle. But in tier 4 battles, you are top dog, and expected to deal a lot of damage. The issue has been highlighted by the introduction of the M5A1, which is a true killer in tier 4 battles. It has a wonderful fast-firing gun with 81 penetration.

It's also much more mobile than the American M5, so it wreaks havoc in tier 4 battles.

And it's much more fun to play against tier 8's, because mobility makes active scouting easier, and the gun can seriously hurt everything you face, unlike with the regular M5. Fully upgraded, the M5 Stuart is actually a M8 Scott. Either that, or remove the need to ever fire another shell again by making the matchmaking tougher. Ioituma 2 Posted 05 February - Zoraktar 3 Posted 05 February - I think M5 should be like Leopard. Different tree for it and chaffee only from there. It's fun tank i admit even that i was terrible with it Or like T GiveThemNothing 4 Posted 05 February - A sucks at both, that is even worse.

Kazadar 5 Posted 05 February - If you get in low tier battles where you have to do damage go hull down and use your huge mantlet go soak up some shots. After playing it for far longer than I ever wanted to I found that to be the best way of being usefull in low tier battles.

M5 stuart needs a buff

Rautaa 6 Posted 05 February - I had a battle in the M5 where it took me around 10 shots the the howitzer to kill a t4 arty as most of the shots bounced. Rautaa 7 Posted 05 February - Judqment8 8 Posted 05 February - I got my best of kills in a Tier 4 battle with M5 Stuart. The Howitzer is amazing as long as you shoot tanks' sides and rears with no slopes at all. Rautaa 9 Posted 05 February - I think the 75mm howitzer wasnt that bad as its somewhat accurate, even on move.

But yes, some 8HP damage hits on a T front are gorgeous. Judqment8 11 Posted 05 February - The howitzer can be amazing if you are lucky enough to penetrate. Kazadar mentioned having trouble killing a tier 4 SPG in it. I found it pretty frustrating to deal 10 damage per shot on things like Bisons Achibot 12 Posted 05 February - I actually find this tank "ok" in T4 battles.

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