14 year age gap dating

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I'm sure you can figure out ways of working it into the conversation.

No, it's not a big deal, though. I can guarantee that if you stew about it that he'll be able to tell, so if you can't be subtle, just out-of-the-blue go "you know I'm 36, right? He may shrug it off as not a big deal then start to act weird, but that should tell you enough.

You don't have to go into your life story or anything as backup, just treat it as the fact that it is. It's not like you need someone to help you care for your colostomy bag. My wife is older than I am I'm a man. I think that at some point before you decide you are attached to this fellow, you are going to tell him your age. Then you need to communicate what you want. The biggest question is whether or not you want kids. It will become an urgent question as time goes on, which I think is unfair to a partner still in their 20s. But all things being equal, dating an older woman is a great experience in many different ways.

If your family planning timeline- or lack thereof- align, no big deal, enjoy. If they don't align, I'd have a couple weeks of fun, but keep dating other people, don't do any romantic stuff, and get out soon.

Mind the gap – does age difference in relationships matter?

I think the only question for you is how fast you need to get on the train to baby-making. If that's a major goal of yours and you want to accomplish it while you're young enough to have a shot at unassisted conception, maybe you shouldn't beat around the bush too long. By that I mean don't spend a year or two with this guy and then call it off. But still give it a few weeks or months; you don't know his life plans, either.

If that's not a factor, keep seeing him and let it go where it goes. Our son is married to a woman that is ten years older. My best friend is married to someone 15 years younger..

Real Love Stories: Women Share How Love Overcomes Age | Shape Magazine

I'm seven years younger than my wife. We've been together for over 15 years. It either works or it doesn't. Maybe there's a chance that the online info you found on him was out of date. Highly unlikely, but you never know. My sense is that you're worried that he won't be attracted to you anymore once he finds out your age.

But I think that's also highly unlikely. What about this are you so worried about and why? When I was 22, I had an amazing relationship with a woman 12 years my senior. Do you want to have kids? If so, you're running out of time -- so if he doesn't want to have kids and soon, break it off. I mean, you need to define "anything good" first, and that definition need not include picket fences and kids and having the in-laws over for Thanksgiving dinner. Secondly, even if it does, he might be up to it.

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I know of a couple of successful long-term relationships with similar ages. I've got one friend who was 38 when she met her current boyfriend, who would have been 23 at the time. It was in an anything-goes situation where it was easy for random hookups to happen, and would have been easy to walk away once the age difference became clear, but they've been together for 2 years. All that said, I'm about the same age as my wife. We would not have made a great couple if the year-old her somehow met the year-old me, because I did not have much emotional maturity then.

My grandparents lied about their ages when they met in the s. They each said they were No one found out her real age until she was eligible for old age pension and she couldn't bear to keep it secret any longer. My grandfather was born in and my grandmother was born YMMV posted by bonobothegreat at 7: Thank you for your thoughtful and encouraging!

I agree that I'm worrying about this too soon. I'm sure a big part of it is my own insecurity about aging even though 36 is not that old. Foxjacket is right, I wonder why a year-old would be interested in having a relationship with me--especially when I'll be 40 in four years and he'll only be I also know how much I changed from my early to late twenties. Regarding kids, my dismal dating situation has resigned me to the fact that I may not have them, but that adoption could be a possibility.

I agree that it's an important issue, and something that would need to be discussed if we became serious.

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Age has never been an issue in my other relationships--I've always had friends who were both older and younger. And this guy--in two dates, he's been more attentive than most guys I meet who are my age. He calls when he says he'll call, he seems genuinely interested in learning about me, and the way he looks at me--it's like I'm the only woman in the room. I know that sounds trite, but I can't describe it any other way.

And I think the sex would be amazing from what I hear, we're both at our sexual peaks. I do want a long-term relationship and it's hard to imagine that it could work out between us in the long run. But I also haven't clicked with anyone in a long time, and I miss being part of a couple and all that goes with it. For now I'm going to relax, go on a few more dates with him we have plans for tomorrow night and see where things go.

I do agree that age needs to be discussed at some point, because I don't think it's fair not to let him know. It just brings different advantages and disadvantages than being the same age does. I could see myself getting attached I also know how much I changed from my early to late twenties I do want a long-term relationship and it's hard to imagine that it could work out between us If your expectation comes to pass, will you mind terribly? It's one thing to fully accept a risk its likelihood and the impact it would have on you. It's another to ignore the risk or pretend it wouldn't hurt you.

You could end up feeling betrayed by yourself if you downplay a risk that you know is likely. However, it kinda sounds like you actually wouldn't mind a fling, so maybe you can come to a deal with your imaginary future self that you want to have fun now and understand that it is probably going to cause them some pain but that the fun of the current moment and maybe some auxiliary benefits for the future self - a renewed sense of sexiness?

Enjoy and don't expect anything. Pause, take a round of high fives, then treat it like any other new relationship: If you like him, keep dating him. If you don't, break up. I mean, what else? Watch a couple of episodes of I Love the '90s? For a little while when I was 33 I was dating two women. One was fourteen years younger than me, the other was fourteen years older than me.

Real Women Share Why They Love The Age Difference in Their Marriage

Both were great, both had elements of being cross-cultural because of the age difference. Neither resulted in marriage but both resulted in good time and happy memories. See how he feels and go for it. Love knows no season. Foxjacket is right, I wonder why a year-old would be interested in having a relationship with me Well, why wouldn't he be? Should he not be? I personally have never dated anyone without being aware of their age, but I've been in relationships that involved significant age gaps and those that haven't.

Any problems that arose in these relationships were not age-related; they were just individual-related. Age is a number. When I was ish, I dated a woman I initially thought was 25, but who was actually I assumed she was on the mommy track, knew I wasn't on the daddy track,and didn't want to use up her remaining fertile years if she was looking for something I wouldn't provide.

So I took her out to dinner, and told her it was off. She said OK, and invited me back to her place. Over the next several years, she'd call me every four months or so, and we'd hook up. So maybe I shouldn't have assumed what I did. But be aware that he might, out of a sincere desire not to waste your time, assume what I did, unless you're clear about what it is you do want.

If you get along well, there is really no need to be concerned. Tell him your age.

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Date for a while. A friend of mine is in her mids and getting married to a man in his mids in a couple of months.

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Age isn't necessarily a deal-breaker; if anything, I'd say maturity would be a bigger factor. I wonder why a year-old would be interested in having a relationship with me Because when you're a year-old man, something women are dead sexy. Definitely let him know your age. Then, if he's cool with it, enjoy! Too early to tell, but consider that he might also have done some online sleuthing on you.

So if it matters to you then you should tell him. If you are being "Mrs Robinson" http: Wish I'd had a year old woman to date when I was The only red flag I can see is you needing to search around to find out his age and assuming that he's doing the same. If the age difference really bothers you, talk about it openly with him on the next date. I was going to make a comment warning you that people in general are generally extremely optimistic about declining fertility, imagining that a year-old woman has about another 4 years before she really needs to make this decision, when really, a year-old woman's chance of getting pregnant is very low.

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