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A person may have extended periods of extreme depression or mania, or their moods might fluctuate causing confusion. Most of the time mania and bipolar cannot be cured but it can be treated.

No Longer Lonely: A Niche Dating Site for Singles Who Have Been Diagnosed With a Mental Illness

Depression can sometimes be cured it but is still may can come back. Psychotic disorders such as hallucinations, delusions, and schizophrenia cause a person to believe in things that are not real such as hearing voices, seeing things, and believing things that are not real. Psychotic disorders cannot be cured unless they were lead on by certain stimulus such as drugs and in return go away when the drugs are out of their system.

Psychotic disorders can be treated and a person can learn to reality test their delusions and hallucinations in order to recognize their symptoms and cope with them. When someone with one these disorders has an episode and becomes symptomatic they may experience other mental issues such as anger, depression, anxiety, mania, antisocial behavior, and addiction. Learning about them, their individual triggers, symptoms, and how to help them to cope best with their symptoms can be a very difficult but also rewarding.

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This process can only be done with trial and error and can be very trying. You must keep reminding yourself that they do have a mental illness and that once you learn them better you will be able to work through it with them. People with mental illnesses are quite capable of carrying on a normal life, but they do need help and support, something a lot of them never get. Be patient with them, and remind yourself that they do have a mental illness and they do not mean everything that they say.

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Just as they need someone to talk to in order to cope, you also need to cope. Being with someone with a mental illness can sometimes be stressful. When anyone becomes extremely stressed they become more agitated and may respond inappropriately. This can escalate things and make them worse.

Members may opt to share their diagnosis as well if they wish. No Longer Lonely promotes transparent dating profiles with detailed information. No Longer Lonely wants singles to feel safe talking about their personal situations and health.

The Day I Snapped (Mental Health Documentary) - Real Stories

However, users with profile pictures are often more successful on dating sites because they look more legit. No Longer Lonely also has a live chat room where members can mix and mingle anonymously.

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  2. Dating Someone With a Mental Illness!
  3. Prioritizing Security & Giving Users Peace of Mind.

Singles who have a mental illness undoubtedly have some reservations about posting their personal information on the web, especially a dating site. Jim told us he checks IP addresses and monitors profile content to ensure everyone on No Longer Lonely is there for the right reasons. No Longer Lonely is the oldest and largest dating site for adults with mental illness, and it has stayed operational and successful for so long because of the diligent oversight that has kept it free of abusive language and harmful behaviors.

Members know they can trust this platform to safeguard their information and deliver a friendly environment where they can meet people who share similar life experiences.

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He estimated that No Longer Lonely has already led to over 40 marriages, and he hopes to grow that number over time. No Longer Lonely has inspired countless personal connections between people with mental illness.

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Going beyond just dating, No Longer Lonely has created an online community where people with mental illness can find all types of interpersonal connections. Whether they want to vent on the chat rooms or flirt in a private chat, the dating site allows people to expresses themselves so long as they use appropriate language without fear of judgment. Jim said members sometimes form international friendships and long-distance relationships on the platform. He told the story of one single woman who flew to England to meet a man who struggled with a social anxiety disorder.

Online dating can offer people with mental illness a non-intimidating way to explore their dating options and connect with people around the world. Over the years, Jim has made a name for himself as a pioneer in a niche dating space. No Longer Lonely started as the passion project of someone who understands the challenges faced by people with mental illness — and now the online community includes tens of thousands of active members.

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mental illness dating site australia Mental illness dating site australia
mental illness dating site australia Mental illness dating site australia
mental illness dating site australia Mental illness dating site australia
mental illness dating site australia Mental illness dating site australia
mental illness dating site australia Mental illness dating site australia
mental illness dating site australia Mental illness dating site australia

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