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It doesn't represent what we are truly searching for. We decided therefore that quality matters, not quantity.

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We found that singles with similar backgrounds and interests are more likely to hit it off. To ensure real people are able to meet like-minded singles, we personally curate and approve each member. Does this take time? Is it worth it? That we're not your next typical dating app is shown through our exclusive events we host around the world on a monthly basis. In the most sought after locations, we bring online dating to the offline, ensuring that your matches are real, genuine and brought to life.

We're proud to have created a unique platform that ensures the right people are introduced to each other. So far thousands of members have been successfully matched, and we are just getting started. Get ready to be amazed. Outside of writing for Lovin Dubai, you'll find Casey inhaling hummus, making a constant stream of terrible puns and running around in circles. Lovin Dubai uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. I feel that the 1st part is almost okay. My ex-russian girlfriend sent me a message of apologize,she is asking me to talk with her again.

Her relationship with her previous boyfriend is not going well. What shall I do? I still feel her hurting me… Does she deserve my care again? Not enough information, it all depends on how you guys were why you broke up. However, in a general sense remember the world is full of opportunity. Time heals all wounds.

Just get rid of her…she will waste your time again…you deserve much better than her…if she is not happy with her ex boyfriend she can easily find someone else its better if you want to talk to her just to spend time but dont expect much…. Please do not get back to her again. If the start was wrong from the side of all religions, you had intamacy with her before getting married , the relationship will most likely fail after 1 year or may be 5 or 10 years. You get what I mean, this is a fact. So stop it and get the right path to form a strong legitimate relationship.

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Like what I think of Egyptian people or people from Morocco. But even though I try not to think that all people are the same. The best thing is not to show that you have that much money. Secondly, it is better not to deal with a lady who had some relationship before. There are decent ladies in Russia. But of course you should know more about culture and language. This could easily happen to any lady who does not know what means to love. The matter is not in the nationality. It can happen to Philippino, etc.

By the way, there many Russian girls in U. E who are fooled by men. Is this some kind of a joke? You should be crazy to even think about accepting her back V. And only total fool and loser could generalise and say All Russians are liars etc. A man who can say all these rubbish about women do not deserve to be loved and do not deserve any sympathy.

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Then, I was questioning? Then, I really never looked for sympathy.

I had an experience, and I expressed it. Through their comments, I changed my mind. I wrote about it, because I never told any one of my friends or family members about what happened to me. I was eating myself internally, and that was making me suffer more. I found only this way to relieve my pains. By virture of their soft comments, I stopped thinking of committing a suicide because she meant to me too much and I did not expect that from her. Then you never know how so bad she hurt me, how she hurt me by her writing in her profile Even she aborted the embryo so that no one knows that we had….

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And I never tried to hurt her. All what I said to her: It is good that you comment came after I could adapt myself to my new life….

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Again, I am sorry for all Russian girls. I know in any community, there are good and bad people. Even i can not consider her to be a bad girl, because I loved her so much one day. I wish her and all happy life.. And no matter what nationality is in question, break ups arebreak ups and are hurtful when one loves…. But if you really love her, you can forgive her.

The real question is are you sure she loves you? I want to talk with you and tell you what you can not known. Because I had relationship with Guy from Bahrain and we loved so much,write me. First of all, my sympathies and condolences to noname I had a relationship with a Ukrainian girl and it did not work out. She left me for a very close friend. I was angry and very bitter, but I realized that these were very stupid emotions on my part. Anyway we are very good friends and only friends, and that is very nice in its own way!!!!

You have to forgive and move on in life. Sorry for sounding blunt but you may have gone for a wrong type of a person, perhaps someone very flashy with bells and whistles. And you tried to dazzle her by blowing up a lot of money. See she came and saw you and did not pocket the money that you sent. So there must have been a good motivation, however probably she may not have found the correct chemistry between both of you. So you should let her go. If she is coming to you now its not because of love, but her sense of need and insecurity. However they are very particular about other things, like receiving flowers, a man being a gentleman, opening doors etc.

That is their culture and way of life which one must respect, just like you have your way of life and this is something that you cannot moralize. Internet relationships are very dicey and you should be mentally prepared for disappointments. A relationship is the celebration of love, trust, partnership,tolerance and tenacity.

Why are you in particular looking for a Russian girl? Why not someone from say Nigeria or Morocco? Culturally they would be less adjustment issues. It is always good to accept the apology because it gives some kind of closure. But getting back together is not a good idea. Remember once a woman cheats they will cheat again. Time is the biggest healer. You are an honest person and you will find your mate. One advice, never be an open book to women. The moment they figure you out completely they would like to lead.

With all do respect to women, you were not created to lead but to be lead. That is not necessarily is a bad thing but just describing the nature.

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  5. And when things are out of nature things will fall a part. Do not be an open book.

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    Most women love men who are players, unfaithful and who have too many experiences and adventures with women. I see it every single day in many societies and countries, women find decent serious men as boring and not attractive, and only when they feel desperate or had enough fun they start to date or marry those decent men. I heard a conversation between 2 women, one was saying: I am married and love my husband a lot.

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