Are laurel and jordan from the challenge still dating

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It's almost like a reality tv show joke. The main profession of reality tv stars is usually either model or personal trainers. But I think he's "seriously" pursuing it. Going back and doing the Challenge is not a forward move. Any chance he is just 'retired' so he can make a big deal about coming back at some point? Retired basically just means that when they call him he says no thanks. If at any point he wants to come back then he can just say yes when they call him. It's really not that deep.

There are lots of people that come back after a long period of time that never made a big deal of it. I've always wanted to know what happened between Laurel and CT as well. They kinda never talk about it or acknowledge it anymore. Laurel says they never even kissed, which is not true, and I don't believe. It was really only days at the most. When he went home that was the end of any true showmance. I could have sworn they kissed on the show but I guess I'd have to rewatch. I know it wasn't deep but seems a little weird nothing else ever came from it.

They definitely kissed on camera, when Laurel made him breakfast before an elimination or something. I remember her making him breakfast before an elimation and wearing his jersey Was there a reunion show for that season? They were attached to the hip for half the season and were constantly flirting. He even confessed to her about his brother's murder and that's why he went to Duel 2 just so he could fight someone.

Mandi and Laurel fighting for CT was a huge plot that season in the house. I'd say it's a pretty safe bet that something physical happened between CT and Laurel but nothing was shown on camera. I rewatched Rivals a few weeks ago. I took it as she wanted him but he was not that into her. Remember she wore his shirt to support him but then didn't he cheer against her? Something along those lines.

I thought she moved to New York to live with Jordan after they met on the show.

Are laurel and jordan from the challenge dating

Like I thought she said that on the Free Agents reunion show or somewhere but I know she doesn't live in NY now because her most recent Challenge update this season said she's living in some state that starts with an M on the west coast. I remember she hesitantly said she and Jordan were happy with their relationship during that reunion but now apparently they broke up a few weeks later?

I remember right before Exes 2 started filming, she announced on twitter they were no longer together. I laughed it off bc I thought they were aiming to be a team on it, but clearly Jordan still succeeded. I thought they were setting them up for another Battle of the Exes. I never bought for a minute that he was really into her. Semi related, but I saw Jordan at my dispensary in LA the other day I looked at him for a minute and couldn't figure out how I recognized him, and then I saw the hand.

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are laurel and jordan from the challenge still dating Are laurel and jordan from the challenge still dating
are laurel and jordan from the challenge still dating Are laurel and jordan from the challenge still dating
are laurel and jordan from the challenge still dating Are laurel and jordan from the challenge still dating
are laurel and jordan from the challenge still dating Are laurel and jordan from the challenge still dating
are laurel and jordan from the challenge still dating Are laurel and jordan from the challenge still dating
are laurel and jordan from the challenge still dating Are laurel and jordan from the challenge still dating
are laurel and jordan from the challenge still dating Are laurel and jordan from the challenge still dating

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